Calcutta High Court Allows Lawyers to Skip Black Gowns in Court Due to Heat

Calcutta High Court exempts lawyers from wearing black gowns due to heatwave till June 10. Registrar General issues notice following Chief Justice's instruction, aligning with other High Courts.

The Calcutta High Court has made a decision to help lawyers beat the heat. Chief Justice TS Sivagnanam has instructed that lawyers won't need to wear their traditional black gowns during court proceedings until the end of summer. This decision comes as Kolkata faces a severe heatwave.

The Registrar General of the High Court will issue a notice regarding this exemption. "Considering the weather, wearing of Advocates' gown is exempted till the Court reopens after Summer Vacation on June 10, 2024," reads the notification.

Similar relaxations have been seen in other High Courts, like the Karnataka High Court, due to the extreme temperatures.