Gujarat High Court Stresses Against Advocates Arguing with Folded Hands

Chief Justice Sunita Agarwal of Gujarat High Court advised advocates against folding hands in court, emphasizing they should assert parties' rights. The reminder echoes Justice Kunhikrishnan's call for decorum in Kerala High Court, urging litigants and lawyers to uphold court dignity.

Chief Justice Sunita Agarwal of the Gujarat High Court issued a significant reminder during a court session. She noted that advocates should not fold their hands while presenting cases in court. The Chief Justice made this observation while addressing a young counsel during the mentioning of a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) for urgent listing.

“Don't fold your hands, Mr counsel. You are an advocate, listen to me and keep it in mind. Advocates are not supposed to fold their hands in the court. They are supposed to agitate the rights of the parties,” remarked Chief Justice Agarwal.

She further advised the lawyer to avoid folding his hands while arguing any case. “If you are putting up the case of anyone, you are not supposed to fold your hand ever. Don't do it,” she emphasized.

The lawyer acknowledged the guidance, responding, “I will keep that in mind, your lordship.”

This incident echoes a similar sentiment expressed by Justice PV Kunhikrishnan of the Kerala High Court in a past order. In that instance, a litigant had presented her case with folded hands and tears in her eyes. Justice Kunhikrishnan emphasized the importance of maintaining decorum in court proceedings.

“First of all, no litigant or lawyer need to argue their case with folded hands before a court of law because it is their constitutional right to argue a case before a court of law. Usually the court of law is known as ‘temple of justice’. But there is no god sitting in the bench. The judges are doing their constitutional duties and obligations. But the litigants and lawyers should keep the decorum of the court while arguing the case," remarked Justice Kunhikrishnan.