Jharkhand High Court Directs CBI to Report on Pending Criminal Cases Against MPs and MLAs

Jharkhand High Court tasks CBI to detail pending criminal cases against MPs and MLAs, seeking status updates and reasons for delays.

The Jharkhand High Court has instructed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to furnish a comprehensive report on the ongoing criminal proceedings involving MPs and MLAs in the state. The court mandated the submission of a status report via affidavit, while also seeking clarification from the investigative body regarding the delay in case submissions and witness presentations. "What is the status of the trials and the reasons for the delay? How many cases are still pending against the MPs and MLAs?" queried the court during the proceedings.

Advocate Dhiraj Kumar confirmed that the next hearing is scheduled for April 16 to address this matter. Following directives from the Supreme Court for expeditious resolution of cases involving lawmakers, six MP/MLA courts in Jharkhand have been actively addressing criminal charges against public representatives. The court's intervention came subsequent to its acknowledgment of pending cases against public officials.

Data disclosed in the declaration and affidavit submitted by candidates during Assembly elections unveiled that 41 out of 81 MLAs, constituting 51% of the house, are entangled in criminal cases. Presently, approximately 167 cases await resolution in court, involving both incumbent and former MPs and MLAs.