Allahabad High Court Requires Court Permission for Filing Private Photographs in Legal Cases

Allahabad High Court mandates court approval for submitting private photos in legal cases. The Court made this rule because it saw private photos included in a document related to a bail request in a rape case.

The Allahabad High Court has made a new rule about submitting photographs in court cases. They say the court's permission is needed before any photos showing private moments of people can be filed. Justice Ajay Bhanot explained that these kinds of photos invade privacy and can be very upsetting for someone.

He said, "No private or indecent photos should be accepted without permission from the Court." This order came after the Court saw private photos attached to a document in a rape case.

The person accused of the crime asked for bail, saying they had been in custody since November 23, 2023. They also said they had a consensual relationship with the victim, and the rape accusation came after the relationship ended badly.

The accused's lawyer said, "Our client didn't take or share any indecent photos or videos of the victim, and none were found with them."

After hearing these arguments, the Court allowed bail for the accused.

Advocates PK Singh and Sunil Kumar Pandey spoke for the accused, while Advocate Chandan Agarwal represented the State of Uttar Pradesh.