Justice Prathiba M. Singh Praises Bangalore's Innovation Role at IP Conclave

Justice Prathiba M. Singh celebrates Bangalore's innovation prowess at IP Conclave, highlighting its global impact and pivotal role in India's tech landscape.

In a keynote address at the prestigious The Economic Times IP & Innovation Conclave 2024, held today at the Four Seasons Hotel, Bengaluru, Justice Prathiba M. Singh, a distinguished figure and Judge of the Delhi High Court, celebrated her hometown, Bangalore, as the epicenter of innovation in India. The event, a gathering of in-house IP counsels, innovators, and IP attorneys from across the nation, showcased Justice Singh's powerful endorsement of Bangalore's pivotal role in driving India's innovation landscape forward.

"The innovation capital, Bangalore, has created the ecosystem of innovation in India," remarked Justice Singh, capturing the essence of Bangalore's contribution to India's innovation narrative. Her words echoed the sentiments of many in the audience, who have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of Bangalore's dynamic ecosystem in fostering groundbreaking ideas and technological advancements.

Furthermore, recalling a conclave from twenty years ago, Justice Singh emphasized Bangalore's global impact, asserting, "The world has converged, and I wouldn't be wrong in saying this today that Bangalore has been the flag bearer in this." Her acknowledgment of Bangalore's leadership in innovation underscored the city's status as a hub for cutting-edge research, entrepreneurship, and technological innovation, drawing talent and investment from around the globe.

The IP & Innovation Conclave 2024, designed to serve as a vibrant hub for like-minded professionals to share insights, discuss best practices, and explore solutions for maximizing the value of innovation and intellectual property assets, found Justice Singh's keynote as a rallying call for further collaboration and innovation.

"Encompassing every facet of IP, trademarks, AI tools, and combating Counterfeiting and Piracy, the conclave promises a comprehensive exploration of the contemporary IP landscape," noted Justice Prathiba M. Singh, with her keynote setting a tone of reverence for Bangalore's pioneering role in shaping India's innovation ecosystem.