Supreme Court of India Seeks Senior Advocate Nominations: 138 Applicants, Including 68 AoRs, Step Forward

Supreme Court of India is amid Senior Advocate selections with 138 applicants, including 68 AoRs. Committee invites scrutiny suggestions till April 22. Previous designations: 56 in Jan 2024, 18 in Dec 2021.

The Supreme Court of India is in the process of selecting Senior Advocates, and they've received a total of 138 applications. Among these applicants, 68 are Advocates-On-Record (AoRs). This means they're qualified to represent clients in the Supreme Court.

The application process began after the Supreme Court's Committee for Designation of Senior Advocates issued a notice on March 14. Recently, on April 6, the Committee asked for suggestions from people interested in scrutinizing and assessing the applications.

If you want to give suggestions, you can do so by providing verifiable material. You can submit your suggestions either in person at the Secretariat of the Committee, located at Room No. 307, 3rd Floor, B-Block, Additional Building Complex, or through email at [email protected]. The deadline for submission is 4:30 PM on Monday, April 22.

Earlier this year, in January, the Supreme Court designated 56 lawyers as Senior Advocates, including 11 women. Before that, in December 2021, 18 lawyers were given the title.