Rajasthan High Court Calls for Governor's Involvement Following State's Slow Reaction to Legal Matters

Rajasthan High Court seeks Governor's intervention due to State's sluggish response in legal matters, warning of dire consequences for the justice system.

The Rajasthan High Court recently expressed concern over the State government's "lethargic approach" in responding to litigation cases, prompting Justice Ganesh Ram Meena to seek the Governor's intervention. The Court noted the issue on March 15 when a State counsel requested more time to file a reply in a case despite being served notice four years prior.

"The lethargic approach of the respondent-authority shows that the respondents are not acting as a welfare State and such kind of approach may lead to a catastrophic situation for the whole litigation and justice system," the Court emphasized.

Justice Ram Meena highlighted that this was not an isolated incident, with many cases being adjourned due to the absence of State counsel. Despite bringing the matter to the attention of State authorities, including the Chief Secretary and the Principal Secretary of the Law and Legal Affairs Department, no satisfactory resolution has been reached.

Consequently, the Court proposed involving the Governor to issue appropriate instructions to the State government to address the issue and safeguard the interests of the State. The Court directed the Registrar (Judicial) to send a copy of the order to the Governor, the Chief Secretary, and the Principal Secretary of the Law and Legal Affairs Department.

The case in question pertains to a service dispute where the petitioners sought appointment as Teacher Grade-III (Special Education). The petitions were filed in 2018-19, and the State counsel had been served notice on January 22, 2020. Despite repeated requests for additional time to respond, including in February 2020 and September 2023, the State counsel sought further extension on March 15.

While the Court granted one final opportunity for the State to file a reply within two weeks, it warned of penalties if the State fails to comply. Each petitioner would be entitled to ₹10,000 if the State fails to file a reply by the next hearing scheduled for April 3.

Advocate Jai Raj Tantia represented the petitioners, while Additional Advocate General Basant Singh Chhaba and advocates Rahul Gupta and Shubhendu Pilania appeared for the respondent-authorities.

The Rajasthan High Court's decision to seek the Governor's intervention underscores the judiciary's proactive approach in addressing administrative challenges and ensuring the efficient delivery of justice. By holding the State accountable for its actions, the Court reaffirms its commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting the rights of all citizens.

[Rekha Kumari vs. State of Rajasthan]